About Chief Trapahoe


7-year-old Chief lived with his single mother and two brothers in Passaic, New Jersey. After young Chief gets into a fight at school, his teacher informs LuLu, Chief's mother, that her son is highly intelligent but has a volatile temper and lacks any respect for authority. Worried about Chief’s future, LuLu sends him to live in Paterson with his father, Tato Jefe Colon. From whom she hoped Chief would learn valuable life lessons and mature as a man but assures him he will be permitted to return to her one day. 

Later finding out he’s an orphan, the woman believed to be his mother is a vampire and his father, you guessed it, a werewolf. Uncertain of what path to take, Chief becomes a graffiti artist and vandalizes the streets of North Jersey. Inevitably having to quit because there was no money to be made. Chief still being unfulfilled with life and sinking into a deep hallucinogenic depression. Unable to find focus *birds chirping* and undeniably on a soul-moving base, feeling like a dim light at the end of a very dark tunnel was slowly fading. 

After graduating Hogwarts in 2010, and the soul-crushing defeat of the job market. Chief worked almost every minimum wage 9-5 from cashier to Crack Dealer. He decides to begin rapping, writing and putting videos out on YouTube. Only to ruthlessly be joked on by all the older teens and young adults in the neighborhood. After being in and out of County along with further failure in the job market, Chief was still having to sell pot and work at Forever 21. Having to watch politically correct Pop Culture run amuck, destroying almost everything he ever held dear. Until one day on a hot summer evening, sitting on his friend's porch, a refreshing sound intoxicated the air Trap Queen by Fetty Wop drops. An instant hit; and a feeling of pride fills the spirit of Paterson locals. The light at the end of the tunnel seemed brighter.

After a long failed relationship Chief DECIDES to dawn the name “Chief Trapahoe." An amalgamation of Native American, Hip-Hop, Latino and Bro Culture.

First True Love Hip-Hop;

Chief Trapahoe spends the next seven years traveling the world training in combat and immersing himself in the criminal underworld. In a Bhutan prison, he meets Henri Ducard, who recruits him to the League of Shadows led by Ra's Al Ghul. After completing his training in ninja methods and purging his fears, Chief learns the League intends to destroy Paterson believing the city is beyond saving. Chief rejects the League and its edict that killing is necessary, burning down their temple during his escape. Ra's Al Ghul is killed by falling debris, while Chief saves the unconscious Ducard.

Chief Trapahoe now roams the streets a real nigga improving his rhythm, focusing on artist development and building the brand with his trusty cameraman Triggakate.